First Person - Dishonored

First Person - Dishonored

First Person - Dishonored

First Person - Dishonored

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Original Sins #4 - “Checkmate”

written by James Robinson
art by Alex Maleev

Red Hood and the Outlaws #29 (2014)

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No matter what anyone says, no matter what you think, you are not safe. (x)

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DC Comics Ultimate Power Couples

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#you think you are so smart steve

This is why Peggy gets so angry that she decides to shoot him the next time she sees him. NOT because he macks on Private Lorraine. That’s his own damn business even if it makes her feel hurt and jealous, and she would be right to feel that way too considering what has transpired between them at the bar just the night before. 

But Steve crosses a line here when not only he doesn’t acknowledge that he has hurt Peggy, he also brings up assumptions about her and Howard in an attempt to compare it to his situation with Lorraine. And look how smug he is. So yeah, to say that this is not Steve’s finest hour would be an understatement. 

Apart from the clear implication of how even good men like Steve Rogers can have internalized attitudes about women (and I really appreciate how the movie calls him out on this), it also single-handedly destroys any shitty notions some people may still have about how Peggy only cares for Steve because of his looks after the serum. Because really…? Good looks and muscles be damned to hell, if you’re jerk then Peggy Carter has absolutely no time for you BYE.

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